:: The 28th PFA Annual Convocation and Awards Ceremony of the India Section and the Continuing Dental Education Programme shall be held in Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, MAMC Complex, B.S. Zafar Marg, New Delhi - 110 002 at 09.00 am on Sunday December 14, 2014 ::

::  Dr. Karyn Stockwell, International President of PFA has kindly agreed to be the Chief Guest and Ms. Loralie Lowder, International Executive Director of PFA has kindly agreed to be the Special Guest. Lieutenant General Vimal Arora, Director General of Dental Services and Chief of Army Dental Corps, shall deliver the First Major General Kartar Singh Oration.  ::




Brochure for Special Convocation at Nepal



The Pierre Fauchard Academy is a service organization of dentists whose members are selected for their dedication to the art and science of dentistry, and for their contribution to its professional literature. They will readily undertake to aid all members of the profession, wherever and whenever possible, in the solution of scientific, technical and economic problems. Further they are encouraged to continue contributing to the dental literature and to assist in establishing and maintaining a high plane of competence in professional publications. Above all, they practice with self-restraint and recognized ideals, exemplified by the "Golden rule" placing the welfare of patients above personal aims and desires. 



1. To elevate the character, education and professional ability of the greatest number of dental surgeons by making available to them dental literature, presenting the latest developments and opinions in dentistry. 

2. To encourage practitioners to contribute to the literature. 

3. To encourage through annual awards, outstanding contributors to the science and art of dentistry and service to the profession or to the Society in general. 

4. To establish personal contacts between leaders in the profession and those who seek advice on technical or economic subjects. 

5. To encourage Dental Student and foster advancement of their scientific and professional standards.